JJ Procurement

We would like to welcome JJ Procurement to our exclusive client list.

JJ Procurement offers Procurement Outsourcing, Purchasing Expertise and Project Management to Small and Medium Businesses to help them reduce their costs.

Without control of Procurement in your business you are at risk of paying more for goods and services than you ought to, buying goods that aren’t of the proper quality for your needs, or choosing suppliers that don’t offer the level of customer service you deserve. Procurement is not just something big businesses should benefit from.

Whatever you are manufacturing, profitability and efficiency are at the heart of a successful business. The best way to improve your bottom line is to sell more or spend less. In fact “1% cut in costs can have the same impact on profit as a 10% increase in sales” (www.is4profit.com).

JJ Procurement can help you reduce your costs by:

  • Improving supplier relations, an effective procurement strategy and a culture of smarter spending will enable your business to grow and thrive.
  • Monitoring market changes. How often do your suppliers contact you with a price reduction?
  • Establishing Buying Consortiums for local businesses to deliver further savings and benefits
  • Making your business attractive to suppliers to help you gain a competitive advantage and reduce your operating costs, whilst delivering innovation and sustainability.

JJ Procurement provides a flexible, performance based service working with the needs of your business to unlock significant savings and value streams to make you more competitive. Experienced in the FMCG industry to deliver sustainable procurement solutions JJ Procurement can give you a competitive advantage by:

  • Reducing the cost of doing business. Making you more competitive
  • Improving the service you can offer your customers through improvements in the supply chain
  • Improving the bottom-line performance of your business by reducing the costs of doing business.

For further information including details of an Introductory No Direct Cost offer for your business please contact:
Jody Jones 07766470020 jjprocurement@outlook.com