Website Support Contract

Keeping your website up to date regularly can become an arduous task. But it’s also an important aspect of running a website. Keeping your visitors engaged with fresh, relevant content is important too. Our comprehensive website maintenance packages will help keep your website in tip top condition and start from just £50 per month which includes content administration, Quarterly review & Website image editing.

Our website support services offers you affordable yet reliable services. As a website manager our aim is to offer helpful hands-on website maintenance and related support services to our clients. We can help you keep your website updated to a schedule that suits you, daily, weekly, monthly. Try one of our website maintenance plans and help ease your workload as well as some added benefits that you may not be currently implementing for your websites.

What We Do

• Create new sections and pages

• Add contact forms and secure them against spam

• Fix errors and bugs that stop your website working

• Repair broken contact forms and prevent spam enquiries

• Take care of WordPress updates and errors

• Recover a website that has been hacked or is hosting malware, and secure it

• Find and fix broken links and images throughout your site


For more information visit or call us on 01978 869182