We’re now in partnership with Atera

After many months of reviewing which Remote Maintenance and Management (RMM) system worked best for us and our clients, we’ve teamed up with Atera.

The Atera RMM system gives us a single pane of glass through which we can monitor all of our clients hardware and software systems. We get instant alerts when systems start showing signs of breakdown which allows us to be pro-active when delivering the required fix.

It comes with the best remote access systems available on the market today ensuring that we can connect to our clients remotely even under slow internet conditions, we can even connect to you when we’re out on the road.

With improved automation of windows and 3rd party updates we can keep our clients systems safer and can easily roll-out security patches across all clients within seconds of them becoming available.

The Atera built in ticket system keeps our IT help desk running smoothly and allows us to review what hardware is performing better than others, this makes it much easier to recommend one hardware brand over another.

We’re in the process of rolling out Atera endpoints to all of our support clients which we hope to have completed by the end of next week.