Why should a small Business work with a Managed IT Service Provider?

Let’s look at two very different scenarios to highlight the differences between a break-fix and a managed IT service in the small business world.

1 – Break-Fix Carol comes into work at Company-X on a Monday morning, as usual she turns on her PC then makes a coffee while things boot up. She sits down at her desk and is greeted by a blue screen full of nonsense, her hard drive just crashed! Don’t worry she has a backup from sometime last year so the cat photos and annual bake-off results are safe and sound. However, the company sage files are nowhere to be seen.

It’s a simple fix for the pc but for the company it’s a nightmare!  They need a managed IT service provider.

2 – MSP Due to the monitoring systems installed at Company-X an IT-Pro tech (let’s call him Simon) is alerted to a disk issue on Carols computer, Simon calls Carol and asks to pop on her pc remotely to take a look. After some poking about Simon informs her that she needs a new disk, Carol understanding the techs concern says “crack on Simon”.

Within the next few days Simon turns up with a new disk in hand and copies everything over. Simon has plenty of time as it could be months before the disk fails!

Job done and all those lovely cat photos are safe in their new home. The Sage accounts? Well they copied over just fine and it was business as usual for Company-X, just 15-20 minutes of downtime, plenty of time for Carol to finish her brew and the crack on with her day. 

Carol had no idea what disaster was heading her way, she didn’t need to, she had an MSP contract with IT-Pro. 

For as little as £20 per month the charming IT-Pro techs are quietly observing, ready to jump into action when needed (Just like batman, but not as muscular and with a less cool car!)

Just in case you don’t have a bat-signal to hand, you can call the office on 01978 869182 and we can chat about our super hero support packages.