David Pinel on What are Managed IT services

Hi, my name’s David Pinel and I own IT-Pro support in llangollen, North Wales. We’ve been a local IT company since 2003 and have been providing technical support now for 17 years.

We provide Managed IT services to small businesses in North Wales, and my aim with this post is to help you understand what managed It services are and why they’re important to your business.

Most small business owners already appreciate the importance of using accountants even though they can manage their books themselves. 

Managed IT services are very similar, most people we work with can setup a new pc, connect a printer and get online. But they know that doing this, troubleshooting computer problems and keeping informed of new technologies is time consuming. Time that is better spent on their core business.

With a managed IT contract in place, you’re free to work on your business and leave the IT stuff to us. The move is quick and simple, we install some small bits of software on your computers and servers and they feed back any issues as they happen, often these small issues can be resolved quickly using remote access tools. However, they can point to more serious issues which need correcting to stop system crashes from happening.

Once we get up to speed with how you and your business use technology we can offer further help and guidance on new technologies and making sure that things are secure and backed up correctly. We are also well positioned to provide you with tried and tested computer systems and cloud services so you don’t have to worry about the next IT upgrade.

Being a local IT company for small businesses we understand the limitations of budgets and the accessibility of technology in rural wales. So with this in mind All of our services and advice are built around these.

If this sounds like a good fit for your business, drop us a line on 01978 869 182 or email us on help@itprosupport.co.uk

David Pinel - IT-Pro