Help-desk for community support services

Canolfan Ni is a local charity that provides social welfare and well-being services to the community in South Denbighshire. Being heavily integrated within the community and already providing support services they were the first point of call for many local people who needed assistance during this time. 

As their IT Team, we were asked to get involved to come up with a solution (very quickly) to provide their Action Group with the critical information they need to provide and manage the assistance to many homes in their local area. 

Due to their team being based at their home workspaces we needed something that could be accessed from anywhere and on computer and mobile devices. To keep costs low and provide a solution very quickly we opted to use a solid cloud offering from Zoho called Zoho Desk. Desk is already a very reliable helpdesk solution and after various customisations to ensure the right information was being captured and reported on it has now provided the backbone to their Covid-19 Action Group. 

Each member of their team can now access assistance requests and information on individuals wherever they are and in a secure way. Requests can be actioned by the primary team members or easily escalated up to managers when required to ensure that everyone gets the assistance they need quickly and efficiently through one channel.  

Technology is providing amazing solutions to enable people to communicate and continue to work from remote locations. Many technology companies such as ourselves are constantly reviewing existing cloud-based systems to see how they can be fettled to provide the tools that allow our clients to carry on during this time. If you would like to find out more about cloud services, please get in touch with our tech team.