Secure home working for £6 per month per person

working from home

Working from home often requires accessing key resources that are kept on your office network, which makes it essential to establish a remote connection to your work computer from home. In order to ensure minimum disruption to regular work processes and optimum productivity, you need to know that your connection works quickly, securely, and efficiently.

With the Government’s latest measures that people should work from home wherever possible, having a watertight and reliable method for effective working is key.

There are two main methods remote workers can use to connect to their work computer from home: either use a VPN to connect to a work network, or use a remote desktop solution. These two options share the same goal of allowing you to access everything you need for a productive working day, although differ in their setup, complexity, and capabilities. From server access to chairing meetings and task delegation, you won’t miss a beat from the comfort of your own home.

Taking what we have learned from the previous UK lockdown in March, we’ve been working with one of our suppliers to enable us to extend our secure remote access tools to our clients. These are the same remote tools that we use daily to support our client systems.

We can have your team setup and securely working from home within minutes! There is a full audit trail of any connections and it’s just as easy to turn it off again.

If you would like our help to get your team working from home call us on 01978 869 182 or email