We have recently donated a number of Raspberry Pi micro computers to Ysgol y Gwernant in our home town of Llangollen.

The Raspberry Pi donation is part of our ongoing commitment to supporting and training up the next generation of computer programmers locally. The idea is to help build students’ knowledge and skills, and inspire them into a STEM career.

IT-Pro donates Raspberry Pi computers to Ysgol y Gwernant

As we live in a more digitised world, computer coding is becoming more important for kids to learn for their future. These transferrable skills enable kids to learn relevant and competitive skills whilst developing a problem solving mindset.

David Pinel – Director

Understanding computers and learning the basics of coding helps children to develop an appreciation of how things work. It also teaches them how to solve problems in a logical and creative way. This is an important reason that coding should be available in schools, so children learn these skills while they’re young.

The ability to solve problems is a trait that is useful in life in general. We all want our children to become excellent problem solvers so that they can overcome any adversity they face. Learning to code gives children the chance to learn this type of skill while they are young and it can help them along the way in life.

Learning to code teaches children how to think differently. Being able to code effectively, a programmer needs to use logical thinking. They need to be able to see a large problem and break it down into smaller pieces in order to solve it in an effective manner. Kids learning code can take a vague idea and use their creativity to turn it something exciting. If the first solution doesn’t work, they try another one. If that one doesn’t work, they try again until the problem is solved. Coding helps to develop this way of thinking and these types of thinking skills are highly sought after in later life.

We aim to continue to expand our support and investment locally with a the possibility of local computer club and hackerthons. However, this won’t be possible until later on this year due to current resources.

David Pinel – Director