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IT-Pro Support have helped enhance my cyber security at critical points over the last few years. It provides peace of mind knowing I have a personal IT specialist at hand should I ever need.

Kalpesh Nakeshree | Head of Employment Law

As part of the employment law team we are looking to offer business clients with bespoke employment law services to a similar standard as IT-Pro Support. We want to be a cost effective extension of your HR department and allow you to get on with doing what you do best as business owners.

Our services for business are wide ranging and the following page gives you an idea of how we can help. https://www.warekay.co.uk/our-services/employment-law

We consider ourselves flexible and can tailor our approach and pricing to help you on a retainer or ad hoc basis. https://www.warekay.co.uk/our-people/kalpesh-nakeshree

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Kalpesh Nakeshree
Solicitor – Head of Employment Law