Aron joins the IT-Pro team

We’re happy to have Aron join us here at IT-Pro. He joins us in August and will be assisting David and Botond with the custom software side of IT-Pro.

Aron has a deep understanding of web technologies and specialises in C# MVC. He will be working closely with our growing development team to help bring our clients ideas to life through bespoke software services.

I always loved robots – I built my first wooden robot at 6. I wanted to know how they work, so I studied mechanical engineering in high school. That gave me decent knowledge about their skeleton, but I had no idea how their motors worked. So I studied electrical engineering at university. That helped me understand a few things about their electronics, but the next question was: how do they think? To answer it, I started learning computer science and fell in love with the power of a few keystrokes at the right places.

Aron MolNar
  • Highly-motivated CS student with an interest in ML and computer languages.
  • Software developer with over four years of experience in the industry.
  • Interned at Microsoft for a year.
  • Worked at an AI startup developing ML algorithms for the oil & gas industry.
  • Created a software system that helps manage a fleet of hundreds of drones.
  • Won numerous tech competitions, including the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, and the Hackaday Prize.
  • Featured in Forbes 30 under 30 and attended the Nobel Prize ceremony as a reward for winning a national competition.