Asset Management

IT Asset Management

“It gets simpler when you know about your IT assets quantitatively and qualitatively, what you have and what you don’t have, this makes it easier for you to make a decision about what you need to move forwards.”

Why is IT asset management software so important?

A business is composed of different departments, and each department will have its own set of IT assets. These IT assets are expensive and often require regular maintenance like license renewals, updates, etc. to maintain value.

Here are a few benefits of implementing IT asset management:

1. Visible Decisions: ITAM adds visibility to the IT needs so that informed decisions can be made by the business like the quantity of replaced items or budget for the needed quantity.

2. Avoid Unnecessary Purchases: Scanning of assets enables the ability to uncover the number of assets that are in use or are available. It is sometimes difficult to keep capital expenditure under control even after tracking the assets you have which could lead to the purchase of much unnecessary hardware or software purchases when new employees onboard.

3. Software License Compliance: ITAM helps to manage software license to keep track of all registered and unregistered software that is currently being used in the company.

Types of IT asset management

Asset management in general can be used to refer to many different things in an IT environment. Below are some of the common types of IT asset management.

Hardware management: This is the management of physical assets including desktops, laptops, servers etc.

Software management: This includes managing IT assets such as applications, programs, and operating systems.

Digital asset management: This is the management of corporate files, folders, photos, videos and other media files that also fall under IT assets.

License management: This includes managing commercial software based on their usage.

What is included in our asset management service?

  • Asset Register – A list of all IT equipment within your business along with any associated software licences.
  • Monitoring / Reporting – Monthly reporting on asset health and viability (based on current specs of computers etc along with missed updates and hardware specifications).
  • Access Matrix – This will guide your onboarding of offboarding of employees in relation to IT. Make sure that a new employee is only allowed access to the data and applications they need whenhttp://manahed thenhttp://manahed start work and then ensure that the access is closed off should they leave.

Our asset management service is included in Managed IT Support contracts