Cloud backup service for Businesses

Losing data could bring major headaches, financial loss and embarrassment but when a business critical application goes down your company can grind to a halt instantly. It’s vital for your business to get serious about business continuity and disaster recovery with a cloud backup.

Local and cloud backup options

Securing your data with cloud backup means that it’s off-site and securely distributed across multiple locations. If something disastrous happens to your servers or your building, your data will still be safe-and-sound, waiting to be recovered. We can recover anything from a single email to an entire server, fast.

Cloud backup + Local backup = the best of both worlds.

we image your systems, both data and applications and we store the images in the Cloud, we also make sure that your most recent data is stored locally on-site. This enables fast restores of your critical systems to get things up-and-working again, even to alternative hardware.

We take care of everything

Our experienced team do the heavy lifting – making sure we cover every part of your business, from single files to full systems. We’ll work out the very best plan, tailored around what you need. And we’ll regularly test your backups to make sure they’re available when you need them.

Getting to know your business

This part is really important. We’ll get to know your business and the data you store, and the potential risks if it’s lost or if your applications are unavailable for any length of time. We’ll then prioritise the different types of data – from mission-critical applications to trivial – and how quickly you would need to be able to recover these if the worst happened. Once we know this, we’ll work with you to create a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery backup

Things to consider…

1. When was the last time your company backups where thoroughly tested?

2. What would happen if you lost all of your company data?

3. How quickly could you source replacement servers and hardware?

4. How would your staff access recovered services and servers?

We can take care of all of these concerns for an affordable monthly fee.

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    A partnership, business-to-business

    Every IT-Pro technician is an experienced and passionate IT professional and we’re used to working with a diverse group of clients in a wide range of industries. We work hard to understand your business not just your IT system which allows a real world business-to-business partnership to grow. We follow a very strict response and resolution time for all our technicians and part of this is to inform you at all times what we are doing and how long it is going to take.

    How we provide cloud backup support

    Our clients are all very different. We give them support depending on their needs. Much of what we do can be performed remotely which means it can usually get done quicker. However, we are always available to talk directly on the phone and we visit our clients as much as is practical. We are and always have been a very people based company.