cloud captainIf you hear the phrase “cloud computing” and glaze over, don’t worry you’re not alone. It is however time to understand that cloud computing isn’t all that complicated. More importantly, it’s time to understand how moving your small business into the cloud can benefit you.

OK, What is Cloud Computing?

It’s very possible you’re already using some cloud computing, even if you’re not quite sure what it is.  For example, when you check your bank account on your smartphone, you’re in the cloud.  When you update your profile on social media sites, you’re using cloud computing—and if you’re using apps to help you manage your business or sending promotional emails, you’re probably already using cloud computing in your business.

Why should you move to the cloud?

There are many benefits for small businesses moving to the cloud, the top 4 in my opinion are Greater Connectivity, Flexibility, Security and predicable costs.

Greater connectivity: Being able to access your email, calendar, files, phones and business software from any location gives you fantastic options for business continuity.

Flexibility: The ability to add and remove licences and costs as you need means that you’re only every paying for exactly what you need.

Security: Cloud computing gives small businesses access to systems that were only available to large enterprises before. Enterprise grade security comes along with that.

Predictable Costs: Most cloud systems are charged on a per user per month basis, this makes it really easy to keep a track of what things cost. This comes with the added benefit of no big bills on the horizon.

A good example of the benefits of cloud services: Due to the recent Covid19 crisis we had to work from home, thankfully all of our systems (phones, files, business applications) were already in the cloud. This meant we could finish work in the office at 5pm, take our laptop and phones home and plug them in ready to start work at 9am the following day without restrictions. The hardest part was building the Argos Desks!

We can help you get started

We’ve built up lots of experience with Microsoft Cloud over recent years, and we’ve already helped many small businesses on their cloud journey. With all that in mind we’re the ideal partner to help you.

Once we become your “Cloud Captain”, we navigate your business through the various cloud services on offer, select the correct ones for you and after that we plan out your move to the cloud. We’re then ready to move you!

Once you’re settled in to your new cloud we don’t just leave you to fend for yourselves, we’re always available to support your team, implement changes and advise when new features come in that would be a good fit for you.

I know this all sounds very expensive but it isn’t, we offer an initial cloud migration for 5 users for free when you take on a Managed IT support service (From £20 per month), for larger teams we can generally work within most budgets.

If you would like to discuss your cloud move in more details contact David or Simon on 01978 869 182.