Managed Backup  & Recovery

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“Arguably the most important consideration in any IT network is the backup plan. Backups are often overlooked, not monitored, or poorly maintained. We make sure you have the best backup solution for your business, and that in the event of an emergency it will have you working again ASAP with as little disruption as possible.”

Let us take the hassle out of your backup solution. We manage and monitor the backup process for you. Streamline the backup and recovery of your most critical systems, applications, and data with Managed Backup and Recovery

Local Backup

For years, businesses have been using external drives, storage servers, NAS units, and other backup solutions to safeguard their files. This type of backup is easy to establish and can be very affordable.

Backing up files to on-site backup locations is also easy. You can either connect the backup drive directly to the computer that you want to back up or send files over ethernet to the backup server or NAS. Once files are copied, you are all set.

Things to consider…

1. When was the last time your company backups where thoroughly tested?

2. What would happen if you lost all of your company data?

3. How quickly could you source replacement servers and hardware?

4. How would your staff access recovered services and servers?

We can take care of all of these concerns for an affordable monthly fee.

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Cloud Backup

A major advantage of cloud storage is that your data is not affected by potential disasters that could occur at your premises, whether that’s fire, flooding, theft or even cyber-crime. Having your data stored in the cloud can help keep your data safe and secure.

Cloud data storage often conjures up uncomfortable thoughts on the location of your data. This is only natural, as your data is the lifeblood of your business, knowing its location and the fact that it’s safe and secure is paramount to any organisation. This is why we only work with data centres within the UK.

Hybrid / Combined Backup

When it comes to maintaining business backups, the 3-2-1 Rule is the best one to follow. The Rule says that you need to have at least three backups of your business files, at least two backup storage types for maximum security, and at least one off-site backup. A cloud backup helps you meet all three when combined with on-site or hybrid backup solutions.

Backup Monitoring

backup monitor
Backup monitoring systems developed in-house

A backup is only good if it’s tested and monitored, to help with this we’ve built our own set of tools in-house to keep a track of all of our clients backups.

We track computers which have successful backups, failed backups, backups with warnings and we even know if they haven’t ran on their schedule.

This information is then fed back to our tech support team who will be in touch with you  to correct any issues and check over.

Recovering your data

We don’t just provide and manage the backup systems we’re also on hand if things do go wrong and you need to restore a file or complete systems. We can either help you remotely through our remote access software or onsite whichever you prefer.

Current monthly pricing for our managed backup services

Device Type Monthly Cost
Desktop Licence £5.00
Server Licence £10.00
250GB Cloud Storage £15.00


* The costs for local backup does not include the cost of the backup media such as a USB drive or NAS. The cost for cloud backup includes 250GB for desktop and laptop and 500GB for servers. All prices exclude VAT.