PC Support for Businesses

We understand that supporting people is as important as supporting the technology they use, with this in mind we take the time to learn about your business and the people in it so we can ensure that every IT user within your business gets the PC support they need when they need it.

Your computer is your business life line. Small and medium businesses face big challenges when it comes to computer maintenance and security. Computer viruses, persistent hackers, hard drive crashes, and human errors can all cause problems and threats that must be dealt with.

Our Approach

With IT-PRO support you can rest easy knowing that if any of your IT users encounter an issue we are only ever a phone call away.
Whether a user has an issue finding a file or their computer simply won’t turn on our helpdesk will always be on hand to provide assistance.

Remote PC Support

Remote PC support is provided by our dedicated team of technicians via industry acclaimed support tools backed up by a team of field technicians who will visit your site in the event of any hardware failure or where remote support cannot be used.

Our Service

Most of our clients commit to an all-inclusive contract in which all monthly fees are fixed, this reduces financial risk and provides a stable IT cost for cash-flow budgeting. Others opt for an ad-hoc support service. Either way we aim to be flexible to ensure we get the right service for each customer. All of our services can be tailored to suit individual clients and their business needs.

PC Support from just

£20.00 Per month + VAT

Desktop / Laptop

Microsoft Windows / Mac

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Mobile / Tablet

£20.00 Per Month + VAT

Android, Windows, IOS, Blackberry
Email configuration
Cloud Services, File Access, Remote Wipe

A partnership, business-to-business

Every IT-Pro technician is an experienced and passionate IT professional and we’re used to working with a diverse group of clients in a wide range of industries. We work hard to understand your business not just your IT system which allows a real world business-to-business partnership to grow. We follow a very strict response and resolution time for all our technicians and part of this is to inform you at all times what we are doing and how long it is going to take.

How we provide support

Our clients are all very different. We give them support depending on their needs. Much of what we do can be performed remotely which means it can usually get done quicker. However, we are always available to talk directly on the phone and we visit our clients as much as is practical. We are and always have been a very people based company.