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How To Stay Safe Using Social Media

People happily share their private information online, building robust libraries that can easily become a one-stop goldmine for fraudsters. Here’s our guide to hot to stay safe using social media. It’s not exactly the intention everyone has when they sign up, as the whole point of Facebook is to share your life with your friends. […]

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IT-Pro Support | IT Support Denbighshire | Coronavirus Scams

Steer Clear of Cyber Coronavirus Scams

With the world grappling with a health pandemic, to think that there are criminals out there devising cyber coronavirus scams is shocking. Regrettably, bad actors are everywhere, always looking for opportunities, and they’re seeing one in the coronavirus. This article outlines what you need to watch out for and how to stay cyber safe. The […]

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IT-Pro Support | IT Support Chester | Spot a phishing email

Can you spot a Phishing email?

If you know what to look for, phishing emails are easy to spot. Even though phishing scams are always evolving, knowing just the basics can help you with identifying potentially malicious emails. Scammers use common forms of communication to maximise the reach of their scams — and so far, they’ve been successful. Hackers use phishing […]

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