In order to better service our clients needs we have partnered with Seo Professor ( to provide website design, development and online marketing services. Brett has over 10 years of experience building and optimising websites for local businesses.

Web Design & Development

website designAre you looking for a good web designer with great SEO support? Then contact Brett today and make sure your business website earns its money.

Most businesses today require a website. So at the bare minimum, you need someone who is good at web design to build you one if you want to show your business in the best light. Mostly this is as far as it goes for most business owners. They don’t tend to consider the importance of SEO until later on when the phone isn’t ringing and there are no enquiries from the website.

A common mistake is to think that web design includes SEO or that just because the web designer is good with computers and IT, they can sort the SEO as an extra.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Web designers are not SEOs and even some agencies that lay claim to both often lack necessary or even basic skills in one or the other. Both skill sets require years of experience to get right and most people in either profession will agree that there is always something new to learn.

Web design like SEO is always evolving and it takes dedication to these crafts to keep ahead of the game and this is what we can bring to your project.

Web Design & SEO Working Together

For business owners ignoring SEO in web design presents a major problem. If they ignore SEO they ignore a critical part of building a presence on Google and other search engines and most importantly the site doesn’t give a good return on investment. Web design and SEO must work together effectively and this means the web design process should begin with search engine optimisation in mind.