Managed Website Hosting


We have actually been hosting websites longer than we’ve been building them. We’re well versed in the technology and have painstakingly spent the last 17 years perfecting our server configurations in order to provide those with a CMS platform the best possible experience. No matter if you are using WordPress, Joomla or any other content management system you will find our servers and their configurations custom tailored to give the website a fast, reliable and secure environment in which to live.

Along with our first class hosting we’re all hands on IT techs and take a personal interest in the well-being of all our servers. Unlike the big name hosts that turn off all monitoring of their servers and instead rely on their clients to inform them when something is wrong. We’re in the driver seat at all times and are setup so that we can diagnose and correct any issues, on the fly and regardless of where we are. Our philosophy is to catch problems before our clients and their site visitors do.

We take care of everything!

If you are looking for top quality hosting with a personal touch we can provide you with something that the big name hosts will never be able to do. We’re happy to work with you to ensure you have the right hosting platform suited to your website and will liaise with your web designer or previous hosting provider to ensure everything comes over smoothly and stress free.

We can also take over the management of your website ensuring that any updates to the framework such as Joomla or WordPress are installed and happy.

And if you’re struggling with content for your website, let us know. We work with a great local company on that side too.

Hosting Services Monthly Yearly
Domain name registration
We also manage all domain settings for you so there is nothing you have to do
Managed Hosting
With our managed hosting we manage all of the server side of things along with daily backups of your website files and any databases. However, you will be responsible for any updates to your website updates such as WordPress, Joomla updates etc.
£15.00 £180.00
Website Administration
With our website administration we manage all of the server side of things along with daily backups of your website files and any databases. We also take care of any updates to your website security updates such as WordPress, Joomla updates etc. This will include adding new content and images supplied by you and adding new features as needed. Based on 1 hour of tech time per month. If you feel you would need more than this please give us a call to discuss.
£65.00 £780.00

*All prices exclude VAT.