Work From Home

Work from home

“In the office environment, business technology is consistent. When you’re supporting various hardware and networking solutions of different quality, this can be a headache to get up and running, and you need to support your remote employees. What kind of IT help will you offer your people now they are working wherever they are, whenever they want?”

If your team is already fully cloud based then moving to working from home is already possible. If this is not the case then you need to establish secure connection to your offices. Let us take the hassle out of letting your team work from home, we can provide two different ways to help your team work from anywhere both securely and quickly.

Secure Remote Access

Using our own management system we can give your employees access to their office computers from other devices at home. Most homes already have computers or tablets etc which can be used. This saves you as a business owner on additional costs in purchasing new equipment for them to take home. It also keeps all of your data safe onsite.

Whether you’re looking to work from home in an emergency or a more regular basis it’s important to make that connection as secure as possible. Our Secure Remote Access Agent gives you 2FA protected high performance remote access.


If you already have a VPN enabled router which support SSL VPN we can manage this for you under our IT Support agreements. If not then we can supply and configure suitable hardware as needed for your office connection.

Things to consider…

1. Create a good working environment: Ergonomics might not be the first thing in mind when thinking about cyber security and remote work. But anything that might disturb your concentration can make you more vulnerable to scams and opening malicious content. For the same reason, remember to take breaks.

2. Beware phishing scams: Phishing scams aimed to steal personal details and login credentials are regularly sent to work emails. If you get emails with any suspicious links or attachments don’t open them. Better safe than sorry. If your employer’s email system has a way to report phishing emails, use it.

3. Pay attention to Wi‑Fi and network security: Whether you use your employer’s devices or not, securing your home network is up to you. Improve your home office security by protecting your network. If your Wi‑Fi requires a password, that’s a good start. If not, access your router settings to change this.  Also change your router’s default password. Default passwords are often known by hackers, so they are vulnerabilities in Wi‑Fi and network security.

Current monthly pricing for our remote access services

Service Monthly Cost
Secure Remote Access Agent £6.00 Per user


*All prices exclude VAT.